Species characteristics:
Snakes are very specialized animals and have an important role in our environment.
Most snakes are nonpoisonous and help control rodent and insect populations.
Like other reptiles, snakes are cold-blooded animals; their body temperature is regulated by climatic conditions.

Host /habitat:
Snakes cannot tolerate extreme cold and will normally hibernate during the winter months, usually emerging from their dens in late February or early March.
Snakes are most active at night and during early morning and late evening hours.

Removing their shelter is one of the most effective ways of discouraging them by eliminating rock piles, brush piles, tall grass, etc.
Controlling insect and rodent populations in the area also will help to discourage snakes by eliminating their food supply.
To keep snakes out of houses or other buildings, all points of entry must be sealed.

Natural snake repellents:
SIAD Pest Control uses natural reptile repellents (non-toxic, chemical free) that keep snakes away from your home, gardens and business.

Snake glue boards:
SIAD Pest Control uses snake glue boards (non-toxic and safe) for the indoor and outdoor areas.